A Puppy and His Freedom

Freedom is a wonderful gift, but it can be very dangerous. This thought reminds me of one morning when I went to let our new puppy outside. The beginnings of dawn were hinting through the woods as I cracked open the door while leaning over to grab his leash. Our puppy who had sighted some deer slipped between my legs and into freedom! Away he went, chasing the deer as fast as his short puppy legs could follow.

I let out a gasp, as my youngest child, rubbing her eyes, came into the room and saw her puppy running away. She began to cry, “Mom has lost the dog! We’ll never see him again!” Each cry, getting louder, and soon all of my children gathered, crying and upset. Since my husband was out-of-town for work, I told them to quickly get dressed and we would drive the neighborhood and find our puppy. Meanwhile, I put a big coat over my pajamas and ran outside to the woods. I started yelling, “Come on, pup, come back home!” and clapping and whistling very loudly. I’m certain the neighbors were loving me at this point.

I understood why my puppy wanted his freedom, but I also knew he had no idea what dangers were out there for him. This “freedom” wasn’t true freedom. It was the dangerous kind. And all I could do was pray and hope and yell.

Just as I was turning to head inside, I heard something. It started quietly, then grew louder. It was our puppy whining like a lost child! I will never forget that sound. It was so forlorn and sad and puppy-ish. I could imagine how he looked, sitting on his little bottom, crying his heart out in the middle of the woods. I imagine that’s how God sees us at times. We choose to seek “freedom” at all costs, never stopping to understand what true freedom is, and at what cost it was bought. Then when we get lost, we are just like little puppies crying for help.

The children joined me outside to help call our little pup back home. He came running and hopping and jumping, but we all ran to meet him halfway because our love for him was so great and we didn’t really care that the woods were muddy and that it was freezing cold outside. He was lost and we just wanted him home.

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