Declutter and Detach: Two Steps to Freedom

Our remodeling project is moving along swiftly. The entire kitchen is gutted and looks tremendously large now that it is just studs instead of walls. Tomorrow, we start tearing out a section that will take the roof up about 9 feet. It was a fake drop ceiling over an old bar area. Next, we will demolish a wall which was between the kitchen and bar area. I cannot wait to see the sunlight come pouring in from the giant sliding glass doors off the bar area. What felt closed off will be now airy and spacious!

Also, I have discovered the joy of clearing out old furniture. Craigslist is my new best friend. I have been selling pieces of hodge-podge furniture that we never really bought. We just were given it or it was left with us in the family home. I’ve learned that there are people who are looking for all kinds of furniture (no matter the condition) and they pay cash for it. Lovely!

All of this to say that having less is really feeling nice. Our house felt so cluttered from combining households many years ago. Freeing up space seems to free up my mind and my spirit. I’m really enjoying letting go of these “things”, detaching, and gaining some breathing room. I’m realizing that having order around you does affect you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I think I will plan my new rooms around this concept and see how it feels. So excited to see the results for me and my family.

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