Sad, Happy, Sad, Happy, Sad, Happy for the Rain

The rain doesn’t care one drip about our emotions. In fact, it really has nothing to do with them from a logical point of view. However, put the rain into a context, and suddenly it has everything to do with our emotions.

One week ago today, the children awoke and pulled up the hourly forecast. Every website they could find predicted 100% chance of rain and thunderstorms. They were so sad! That’s when the cancellation email arrived–Field Day has been rescheduled.

This morning, my children cheered when the hourly forecast said 0% chance of rain for the afternoon. They were so happy! Why? It is Field Day and all the fun games in the world happen on Field Day.

Because we are in the midst of soccer season, I asked three of my children to pack their soccer uniforms and bags. We had to leave early from Field Day to make it to the other side of town for their early evening games. I also asked one to pack her tap class attire because her teacher begged me in the rain last week to try to make it to class.

At the very end of Field Day, it started to rain and lightning. Luckily, the organizers had hurried things along, so prizes had already been awarded. My kids were sad that it was raining again and Field Day fun was ended early.

As we rushed to the minivan before the downpour, and loaded in the car, my kids were happy to be headed to their soccer and dance commitments.

After tap class, we headed to the soccer fields where miraculously two of my children had games at the same time at adjoining fields! We arrived a bit early to the sunny fields and were planning our upcoming trip when the call came from my coach/husband. The games had both been cancelled because of the rain. My kids were sad that they were not able to play their rain out make-up games because of a rain out!

As I said, the rain doesn’t care one drip about our emotions, but boy does it keep us on a roller coaster sometimes. Meanwhile, all I could think was happy thoughts about not having to water my garden!!


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