Sprinting for God

I have to say that in the past I definitely lollygagged (is that really a word?) about when it came to God. I remember being very young and loving God with all my heart. But something happened along the way. Too many bad influences, too much television, too many poor examples around me that were adults, or maybe just my own sinful self. Whatever it was, I was on a meandering path to God. One day, over here. Another day, over there. Who knows where half the time?

Things have changed. These days I am sprinting for God. Out of breath running with all my heart, lungs on fire, not looking back, not caring what anyone else thinks. I am in a full out sprint. There is a “now or never” feeling that has come over me and I wonder what it means. If you have never prayed like your life depended on it, then you most likely have never sprinted for God either. Intense is the most accurate word I can find to describe it. Did I mention that I am grabbing as many people as I can as I go? Come on along!

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