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The Secret Multiplier

It is amazing what 5 pairs of hands can accomplish in a few hours. All of my children pitched in and helped my son and I remove old carpeting, carpet pad, tack board and staples from our dining room. When my son and I did this by ourselves in our front room, it felt like a very long, laborious process. We were glad we had each other, but it still took a long time.

Fast forward to last night. You have heard the adage, “Many hands make light work.” Well, we lived that last night. Suddenly, we had teams going with plans made for the best way to extract  staples quickly and efficiently. We also discovered “specialists” who had certain gifts. For example, my oldest daughter can yank out even the smallest nub of a broken staple, and did so with pride! And although there was some grumbling, mostly we were laughing and singing and joking.

I am thinking that when Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs of two, that was a really solid idea. They had each other to lean on or encourage when things got tough. But Jesus had an even more amazing plan than that. He established a Church. He wanted all people to experience community. Community is the great multiplier. Because when you have a solid faith community, suddenly you are able to accomplish way more for the glory of God than you could do on your own. Ten people do not equal just 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1, but more like an exponential multiplier, such as 10 to the 10th power or 10,000,000,000! Pretty awesome, I think. I felt a hint of that last night, just working on a simple project with 5 of my dearest people.



Banana-Seat Bikes and Penny Candy

I know we tend to gloss over things in the past and make them better than they were. But this morning, I am finding tremendous joy in my memories of childhood. Come down memory lane with me!

Some of my favorite memories….

The Dollar:
Walking to the five and dime store with a dollar, and coming home with a bag full of candy.

Freedom Ride:
Riding double on a banana-seat bicycle with my sister who always ended up doing the pedaling because I was a wimp (no helmets required).

Live on Broadway or the Driveway:
Going to the library (yes, the library) to find plays which we could perform for the neighborhood moms. I even remember part of the name: “Strawberry Cake with Pink Lemonade Icing.”

All-Around Athletes:
Playing football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, softball, and hockey in your yard or the street with the neighborhood kids, and playing  any sport I wanted to try at any age because sports were only a 6-week commitment and no one expected you to pick your sport in Kindergarten. (Note: This required knowing your neighbors and that they actually decided to have children.)

Homemade Family Dinners:
Waiting for my Dad’s car to round the corner and racing him home for dinner which was always homemade from scratch.

Dial Phone with Chord:
Sitting on the very top stair with the long cord that one of my sisters convinced my parents to buy and talking with friends until the next sibling needed the phone. Never having to worry about carrying a phone or checking a phone or losing a phone.

I hope you found joy in this trip down memory lane. Please share if you have memories that bring you joy from this time, too!