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How to multiply your romance without any effort at all

My recent post about my husband surprising me on our 16th Wedding Anniversary got my whole family and friends talking about those events. (To read that post, click here: https://gracespark.com/2014/03/04/he-waited-16-years-to-get-me/)

First of all, everything I shared was absolutely true, 100%. In fact, my husband just now reminded me of a couple of details that I had forgotten. The following 3 tips are how you multiply your romance without any effort at all:

  1. Surprise them when they least expect it! My husband chose our 16th Wedding Anniversary because he knew that most women like me are on the lookout for a bigger deal on their 10th or 20th Anniversary. Something about a decade seems important to us ladies! It also happens that we were married on the 16th of the month, but who pays attention to those little details?! (I should have been….) To seal the deal, he left a card on my suitcase the night before since I was leaving for the airport so early in the morning.
  2. Do more than they could ever anticipate. My husband reminded me that there were additional gifts, signs and surprises that I had forgotten. For example, at the Conference, there was a cake for everyone to share that read, “Happy 16th Anniversary from your loving husband.” Also, there were signs sitting curbside along my route to the Conference Center that wished us a Happy 16th Anniversary. There are more but you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you all of them!
  3. Now here’s the multiplier: when my husband started making phone calls to set this all up, people started responding to his idea of a surprise anniversary. People love to help when you are doing something good for someone else! ¬†For example, he didn’t plan the gift for me at the Conference Center, but the woman in charge of the Conference just made that happen. When my husband called my brother-in-law who works for an airline to see if it was possible to make an announcement over the plane’s intercom, my brother-in-law found the right person at Southwest Airlines even though he worked for a different airline entirely. Also, I just found out that the hotel upgrade wasn’t my husband’s doing! He called to arrange for the flowers in my room, but the hotel staff upgraded me to help make the surprise better.

This all ties back to my blog about “More or Less Love”. Because when you try to do good, others want to join you. And the little good you were capable of doing by yourself becomes even more because of their help. It’s an abundance thing that is simply inspired by good. Isn’t that divine?